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The following odds apply for all type of plays submitted on the site. Payouts can vary depending on the odds submitted within the play.


Note: in football buying ON and OFF the number 3 or 7 on the spread costs 20 cents each half a point.

Parlays: football and basketball

Football Teaser   
2 teams-110-120-130
3 teams+ 170+160+160
4 teams+300+250+200
5 teams+450+400+350
6 teams+700+600+500

Note: if any ties occur, the parlay will revert to the next lowest number of teams. A two team parlay reverts to a straight play with a win and a tie. Maximum payout on a parlay is 100/1.

Football Teaser Odds

Basketball Teasers   
2 teams-110-120-130
3 teams+170+160+150
4 teams+300+250+200
5 teams+450+400+350
6 teams+700+600+500

Note: any tie in teasers composed of 3 or more teams will make the teaser revert down to the lowest amount of teams. Two team teasers with a win and a push will be graded as a push. Any lost in a teaser makes the teaser a loss.

Basketball Teaser Odds

Football Super Teasers   
3 team10 points120/100side and totals
4teams13 points130/100sides ONLY

Note: the same rules for football teasers apply for ties and no action

Football Special Teasers

Basketball Super Teasers   
3 team9 points140/100sides ONLY

Basketball Special Teasers

Bet TypeOddsA TracksB TracksC Tracks
WINTrack Odds500250100
PLACETrack Odds500250100
SHOWTrack Odds500250100
TRACK QUINELLAUp to 50-120015050
EXACTAUp to 100-120015050
TRIFECTAUp to 200-11007550
DAILY DOUBLEUp to 100-120015050

Note: all ties in special teasers are considered a loss