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Last Man Standing Contest

1st contest starts on WEEK #2 – Thrusday Sept 15th
2nd contest starts on WEEk #5 – Thursday Oct 6th

To get into this contest, make a $400 deposit before September 15th. For each additional deposit of $400, you get another entry.

For example: Send $800 and get 2 entries, send $1,000 and get 3 entries.

This Contest will start the second week of the NFL regular season, and run until the last week of the regular season.

In the NFL Last Man Standing (LMS) Contest players must pick 1 game per week. The deadline for submitting your weekly pick is Sunday 11 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. For any week that there is a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday game and you would like to pick one of those teams playing an early game, picks needs to be submitted 1 hour before game time. Sunday night or Monday night games still must be picked before Sunday 11 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.

The logic of the contest is simple: If you win your pick, you will advance to the next round. There are no point spreads involved, you just need to pick a team. If you lose your selection, you are out of the contest. You can only select a team once in the contest. A winner is declared once they’ve won their daily selection and “all or one” of their opponents have lost their pick(s).

The Last Person Standing wins the entire pot! There is no second place.

If there are still people left standing after the regular season, the tie-breaker will be the season total points for outscoring your opponents. For example: Edward23 picks the Detroit Lions in Week 1 and they win 21-10. He gains 11 points. This cumulative total only comes into play for the chance that there is more than one person left standing after all the regular season has been played. If total points are also a tie the prize will be split.

If a contestant misses the deadline to submit their pick, they will be given the team with the highest point spread available, no exceptions.

All contestants need to have a valid and confirmed email and mobile phone number in their account.

Non deposit accounts can participate only if they have a valid and confirmed email and mobile number. The maximum amount that a non deposit account can win is $1,000 and it will be sent by mail. Banned players cannot participate in the contests.

This contest will be monitored by Ask The Bookie.