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There are many types of horse bets, below is a description of the horse bets you can submit on BET33.com. If you have any further questions regarding types of plays please give us a call and one of our customer service representatives will be more than happy to help you.


You can select a horse to finish the race in first place, your account will be funded with the money if the horse you picked wins the race.


Selecting a horse to place means that you collect if your horse wins the race or finishes in second place.


When picking a horse to show you will collect if the horse finishes in 1st, 2nd or 3rd position in the race.

Across the board

Betting across the board means that you are wagering the same amount to win, place and show and you will collect if the horse you wager on finishes in one of the top three positions in the race.

Daily Double

This bet consists of picking up the winners of two consecutive races. This type of wager is usually taken on the first and last two races of the day, some tracks have daily doubles throughout the day. The minimum wager is $2.


For all Quinellas you will choose the horses that will finish the race in first and second place in no particular order.


For all exactas you get to pick the exact order for first and second place in the race. You will only win if the horses you picked finished in first and second place and in the exact order you picked.


On all trifectas, you get to pick the exact finishing order for the top three finishing positions. The minimum play is $2 and the horses have to finish in the order you indicated in order to win the play.